Take it from them

Our raving fans are all over the place – you’ll find them on Facebook, Instagram and even here on our website. Here are what a bunch of them have to say.

Rainbow Trout love that black/gold! The Big Browns will jump on it too. The little 1/32 oz. worked the best for me this summer in the Eastern Sierras and the white garlic sauce really had em licking their lips...LOL...!
Rainbow Trout Love That Black/Gold
I am not part of the Instagram but I will be. Here are a couple of fish that I caught on hookup baits!
Excited to Post on Instagram!
Jack Petersen
When nothing else was working, I used a Hookup Bait this weekend and got a 52 lbs. Blue fin tuna. Thank you Hookup Baits!
Blue Fin Tuna with HUB
Here’s a couple photos of a 58.1lb White Sea Bass I caught on a 1oz Red Crab HUB. It was at the 4th Battle of the Bays Tournament at Dana Point in July. There were several HUB guys there who took pictures. It was really exciting. Love your product.
Love Your Product!
Tom Warsheski
Last weekend I was fishing a local Bass tournament and caught this 8 pound channel cat on a Mint 1/8 oz. Hookup bait! What a rush!
What a Rush!
Dan Sexton
Have used Hook up Baits for a year now. Lots of calico bass and sand bass. Also 23 lb halibut and now a 37 lb white sea bass.
Over a Year of Calico and Sand Bass!
50lb plus Black Sea Bass on the Glow Green Big Lewbowski! Of course released and assisted back home safely!
Big Lewbowski
Richard Penksa
The ghosts eluded us again, but we did actually have an epic day of rockfishing. Some really nice sized fish and a lot of fun!! Hookup Baits #hookupbaits Eldorado Sportfishing
Hookin’ Up My Buddies!
Tyrone Moreno
We messed them up on the channel islands with hookup baits in red. I became a believer in this right here.
Messed Them Up with Hookup Baits!
Got this 30"/9# Halibut yesterday evening on San Diego Bay on the 5/8 oz. Red Crab. It's especially rewarding to me as although that Halibut was not the largest I've ever hooked in San Diego Bay, it is the largest that I've actually Landed and I was able to make the catch so close to home. Thanks for a Great Bait!!
Thanks for a Great Bait!
Paul Gomes, Jr.