Hookup Baits Instagram Specifically for GROMS!


Hello Groms!

We’ve had such success with our Grom program thus far. We love our Groms and to show how much we appreciate your support, your photo could be shared on this Instagram!!

Check out the Instagram: @HUB4Groms and follow us. 😎🎣💥


What is the Hookup Baits GROM program?


The Hookup Baits GROM's are comprised of a special group of anglers selected for their strong support of Hookup Baits, shared values, honesty, and genuine love for fishing. These passionate individuals embody the best of angling, inspiring fellow anglers and newcomers with their contagious enthusiasm. As true ambassadors of the sport, Hookup Baits GROMs rely on Hookup Baits as their preferred choice for lures!


Accepted ages for the HUB GROM Program range from old enough to be able to hold a rod and catch a fish, to the age of 18!

(Typically between the ages of 10-18)


If you become a Hookup Baits GROM this year, you have the chance to win:


  • A day of fishing with Chad on the Hookup Baits Boat (up to two additional people can come with you)
  • $100 worth of baits of your choice
  • Being a guest on the Hookup Baits Podcast

    Interested in becoming a Hookup Baits GROM?

    Step 1: Download the application by clicking here!

    Step 2: Fill out your entire application.

    Step 3: Email the application to

    Step 4: Wait for your response!