About Us

Hookup Baits, Inc.

Hookup Baits calls San Diego, CA home where we design and manufacture the Original Hookup Baits baits. With over 35 years of fishing experience, the Owners decided to combine their love of fishing and "designed a bait that would change the fishing industry". These baits have (4) patents and are very unique as they are effective in getting bit on the glide down as well as jigging it back to the surface and can be casted, retrieved and used when trolling.
The baits are designed for freshwater and saltwater fishing and are available in a variety of colors and sizes from 1/32 oz to 6 oz. The design makes it easy to use for young anglers, women, anglers or for the advanced tournament fisherman to use.
We believe in manufacturing the highest quality handcrafted bait as well as being more than a manufacturer. We believe in appreciating those that have helped us succeed over the years and giving back to our oceans and community here in Southern California. We employee about 20 team members and proud to say our product is made in the USA. 
We also take great pride in:
  • Hookup Baits GROM & Ambassador program
  • Recycling and keeping our oceans clean
  • Giving to charitable causes outside and within the fishing community
  • Doing community service for those less fortunate
  • Each and every person that comes into work each day to make these amazing baits
  • Drawing upon each of our strengths in improving processes, quality, and overall running of the business
  • Listening to our customers, retail partners, and team members
  • In being there each other in good time and bad
  • Supporting our Vets in taking them out fishing and participating in local charities that support Vets
  • The Hookup Baits family and culture we have created
We love hearing from our customers on how these baits catch fish all over the US, Mexico, and Canada making memories and customers for life! Check out our training videos on how to fish our baits.
Hookup Baits is dedicated to making your next fishing adventure a more enjoyable, action-packed, and memorable experience.