Spring/Summer Fishing with Hookup Baits April 2022

Spring/Summer Fishing with Hookup Baits April 2022

Sexy Smelt is now available as part of the standard product line in ¼ oz, 5/8 oz and 1.5 oz.
Saltwater Bass Fishing


Inshore and Islands-Calicos and Sand Bass.

  • Some bass start moving off the deep-water structure and back to the kelp lines. Others stay on the deep structure year-round. The baits work well for both.
    • If fishing kelp use 25lb or heavier. You should be able to rip the bait free of the kelp most of the time. Cast along the kelp lying down not across it and the glide action of the baits gets nailed as it glides down. 5/8 and 1 oz. Big Game is what you want.
    • For deep structure, the double rig is king!! Use the #4 & #2 size, 3-way swivels that we carry on the site for best results. All colors in 5/8, 1 & 1.5 oz.

Yellowtail Fishing

Yellowtail absolutely love HUB'S! The baits are effective and very versatile. FOR ALL TYPES OF YELLOWTAIL FISHING.

  • For the yellowtail-Surface, deep yoyo, trolling and kelp paddy fishing.
    • Use the Bullet's or the Big Games in Mint, Sardine Green, Sexy Smelt, Purple Silver, Chovy and Red Crab are popular colors. 
    • The Sexy Smelt 1.5 oz. was designed with Yellowtail fishing in mind.

White Seabass

In spring Channel Islands WSB bite starts. One of the most popular baits used there for WSB is the 5/8 oz. Red Crab and Mint. The WSB special bait was specifically tested and designed to handle these big fish. 

  • The WSB Special bait is a 5/8 oz. bait with a stout hook for handling these fish. If the WSB are not on the Red Crab bite, they love the Mint. We have found great success in also using 5/8, 1, 1.5 and 3 oz sizes in many colors to catch WSB all up and down the coast.
  • Hookup Baits has been known over the years to catch the majority of WSB in CA!

Rockfishing-HUB'S make Rockfishing fun!!

The ease of use and the effectiveness of the baits makes catching Rockfish all day so much fun. No need to fish over 300ft to catch quality fish because of the effectiveness of the baits.

  • Fishing a double rig with 2-1.5 oz baits in most cases is enough to get down 250 to 300ft bringing up two quality Rockfish every time!
  • The 1.5 oz. Big Game and bullets in all the colors work well.
  • If you are after Big Reds and Lings a double rig with a 3, 4, or 6 oz. and 1 or 1.5 oz. works wonders!
  • Check out our instructional videos at hookupbaits.com. See Double Rig and Rock Fishing.
  • If you are heading north to Canada or Alaska the 3, 4 and 6 oz. baits are a must to bring. They work amazingly well!
  • In Central and Northern CA, if you are fishing less than 100ft use the double rig 1 oz and 5/8 oz which has been very effective.

Trout fishing

The Sierras, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona and Oregon have all become very popular with trout anglers throwing HUB'S. The HUB'S are very effective in catching trout both stocked and native.

  • In most cases we have found that stocked trout prefer the smaller baits 1/32 & 1/16 oz. and the native trout liking the bigger baits in 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 oz.
  • The baits are highly effective in all styles of fishing. Cast & retrieved, trolled, and vertical fishing.
  • Stream and river fishing with HUBS is highly effective because how straight the baits swim and glide action on the sink.
    • Every color works but Shad White, Black Gold, Chub, Brown Gold, Yellow White and Pink are some of the popular ones.
    • We also offer Unscented baits in selected colors in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and now ¼ oz size for areas where Unscented is required.

Freshwater Bass

Large mouth, small mouth, stripe bass and spotted bass all love the HUB'S.  Hookup Baits fished on rock and gravel areas just tapping the rocks tips with a start and stop retrieve in highly effective.  Also great for fishing open water bass chasing shad schools.

  • The double rig works well for open water bass.
  • For fishing toolies and weed beds fishing a replacement body rigged weightless with a weedless worm hook works wonders with a great fluke action.
  • You can also add our Mermaids Milk to the baits for even more effectiveness. The Crawfish flavor works great and is now available in the 2 and 4 oz. sizes!

Bay Fishing

The HUB'S have become a staple in fishing all bays in So California due to the effectiveness and versatility of the baits for catching Spotted Bay Bass, all bass in the bays as well as Halibut and all other bay fish.

  • The 1/8 & 1/4 oz. is the size you want to fish in most bays with the 3/8 & 5/8 oz. being used in the deeper bigger bays.
  • Sardine Green, Mint, Chovy, Red Crab, Chub, Sexy Smelt, and Brown Gold are popular colors but again all the colors work.

Crappie and panfish

The 1/32 & 1/16 oz. are the sizes you want. Shad White, Mint, Chub, Chovy, Brown Gold and Glow Green are popular colors to use.

Mermaids Milk

  • Use our Mermaids Milk Scent, specially made for use in the HUB'S. The bottle type and consistency of the scent, was designed to be applied into the baits instead of on the baits.
  • Adding color, scent, and a glider/scale trail to the baits plus it stays in the baits for many casts as to applied to the surface of the baits.
  • The scents come in 4 colors and flavors-Fin Bait, Crustacean, Crawfish and Garlic.

Hookup Baits products are patented. Fish the original bait that is highly effective and proven to catch fish! We appreciate your support and love to hear what you are catching so let us know! Tight Lines!!                                                                                                             www.hookupbaits.com