Fall & Winter Fishing with Hookup Baits 2021

Fall & Winter Fishing with Hookup Baits 2021

Fall & Winter Fishing with Hookup Baits 2021

Trout is the game with the cooler months here in Southern California. Make sure you have the most effective trout bait ever made with you when you go:

The 1/32 & 1/16 Hookup Baits

But truly most fish can still be caught all throughout winter. We will break it down for you and recommend the best baits for what you’re going after.

Stocked trout

The 1/32 & 1/16 are the only sizes you need. All colors we make work however favorites are the legendary Black Gold, Yellow White, Pink Silver, Brown Gold & the new Chub. Make sure to be fishing these with a light trout setup with a 6 lb or less line. Check out our instructional videos on our website at www.hookupbaits.com and YouTube channel labeled Trout Retrieve.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada

This place is legendary for cutthroat trout fishing. Last year the Hookup Baits team and customers took this lake by storm using the baits due to the effectiveness at this fishery. If you are planning to try your luck at this magical place, make sure to purchase the UNSCENTED BAITS and pinch the barbs off with any pair of pliers. We offer unscented baits available in 1/32 to 1/4 oz. in selected colors. Fished on medium/ light setups with 6 to 10 lb line.

The New Chub color was designed for this lake. The Black Gold, Brown Gold, and Shad White are all great choices. 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 oz. are the sizes you want.

Personal Note about fishing Pyramid last year from Chad Gierlich:

"Been fishing this magical lake for the past 5 years to understand these trophy Cutthroat Trout while trying to figure out the lake, techniques, size, and colors that are most effective. Unscented baits are required at this lake so we expanded our line to include unscented and found the 1/16 to ¼ oz sizes to be the bait of choice."

Freshwater bass

Largemouth, Smallmouth and Stripers absolutely love the Hookup Baits, specially, with cooler water! The baits can be worked near the bottom on deep points and structure. The bass just can’t resist the glide fall and natural profile of the baits. Add our Mermaids Milk Crawfish scent for even more bites.

1/8, 1/4 & 3/8 in Chub, Shad White, Chovy, Sardine Green, Mint and Brown Gold are all great choices.

For the big bait enthusiasts

Our new 2 oz. XL trout Replication Bait has proven to be very effective on the trout eaters such as Striper, Lake trout and Largemouth bass.

Ice fishing

The Hookup Baits are very effective through the ice. The fall, profile and how the baits sit when fished vertical all play a part in making these baits very effective. 1/32, 1/16 & 1/8 are the typical sizes unless you are fishing for bigger fish such as Lake trout. All colors work well. Adding our Mermaids Milk scent also greatly helps with ice fishing.

Saltwater Bay fishing

You can catch fish out of the bays year round. Saltwater water bass and Halibut are the main targets but catching many other species while targeting these is typical when using the HUB’S. Most bays the 1/8 &1/4 oz. is the go-to size. In the larger bays with water deeper then 30 ft. 3/8 & 5/8 oz. is what you want. All colors work, however Red Crab, Sardine Green, Mint, Chovy, and the Chub, are popular choices
Check out our instructional videos on our website and YouTube labeled Bass Retrieve.

Saltwater Bass

The Hookup Baits are very effective on Calicos and Sand bass year-round. Even more so when the water cools and the bass hunker down on deep structure.

Because of the fall, profile and realistic look of the baits these bass just can’t resist it when falling into their area. 5/8, 1 & 1.5 oz in both Big Game and Bullets are what you want. Double rigged with an Owner #2, 3-way swivel can be deadly. All colors have their time and place- Red Crab, Sardine Green, Mint and Chovy are always popular choices.

Also dropping a 3 or 4 oz XL bait can be very effective on the big bass with the bonus of other large by catches when using these big baits.


Rockfishing always stays good until the season closes. And there’s nothing better and more fun than catching tasty Reds and Lingcod. Double rigged 5/8, 1 & 1.5 oz Big Game and Bullets with a #2 Owner 3way swivel is absolutely deadly in catching quality and quantity of fish. If you’re after big lings and reds or fishing deeper waters try the 3, 4 & 6 oz XL and XXL HUB’S are what you want. You can also double rig one of these big baits with a smaller bait to fish for both big and average size fish at the same time.

Red Crab, Purple Silver, Sardine Green, Chovy, and Mint being popular choices. All of our Mermaids Milk scents help with rockfish finding your baits. Check out our instructional videos on our website and YouTube labeled double rig and Rock fishing.